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Adaptive cutting board for Cooking

The cutting board can serve as an assistive aid for anyone with weakness in hands due to arthritis or tendinitis. Stainless steel fork holders hold vegetables for slicing or chopping using one hand. It can help a stroke survivor or someone with a disability in one hand. People with hand injury or surgery or who are dependent on one hand can chop food in the kitchen. Also people that are using a shoulder brace or wrist splint on one hand can prepare a sandwich. Slice N Fun cutting board can make it easier and safer to cut food with just one hand.

We provide you with comfort grips and movements that can strengthen your hands & fingers while you prepare a healthy meal. 

Donate 1 for every 10 Slice N Fun

For every 10 Slice N Fun’s purchased, we will donate 1 to a person with special needs or a person with disability who cannot afford it.

If you or someone you know with special needs or a disability requires a Slice N Fun to prepare their food and would like to sign up for our donation program, please send us a message.

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